Born in a Marwadi family that was passionate about art, craft and textiles, raised by classy parents, married into open-minded sasurals had our creative juices flowing into designing and dressing differently.
After every party, wedding, get-together, we would have friends and family calling and messaging for our pictures and the drama behind them. Though we would share pics, inspirations, stories...
Often we felt as if we wanted to share more...
Say more... Show more !
We have always seen traditional textiles being used for ethnic clothes, however, the idea of dressing up someone like Audrey Hepburn, Princess Niloufer, Nadira or Jackie Kennedy, or Lady Diana, were they to choose traditional textiles, is what we wanted to translate into our clothes. What their interpretation would be and how they would have styled it. The idea is to give such textiles a very global appeal and vision, making them viable for not only weddings and receptions, but also at high street and other social events.
Thus emerged the label Nikita.Vishakha, to design and create ensembles for every pre-wedding function, party, social gathering that one attends.. with their unique individuality.
Nikita says -
If I had to describe Vishakha in two words, it would be 'effortlessly elegant'. She believes in being and dressing timeless rather than trendy. Her personal style is based on slow fashion, the one which translates fantasy into reality, the one where she can style her existing wardrobe in numerous ways. She often says 'Today I find everybody dressed as everybody else at weddings and parties. I celebrate and wear my uniqueness.'
Vishakha says -
Nikita is a management graduate and a story teller who is obsessed with little details. Her personal style is marrying India's rich heritage of incredible workmanship with an elegant contemporary aesthetic which is uber cool. Her motto is 'Confidence looks amazing on you - drape it !' Her attire is always a conversation starter. She believes each ensemble should have an individualistic story of its own.
Together, were an unapologetically ambitious pair and heres our welcome to you to our community!
XOXOXO Nikita, Vishakha